For excellent paper capture and flat surface inspection.

Contact Image Sensors (CIS)

High-end contact image sensors (CIS)

The best solution for paper capture and flat surface inspection.

A contact image sensor is the perfect tool for capturing images of flat objects, such as paper documents, banknotes, recipes, fabrics or metallic surfaces.

Higher quality and cost-efficiency than line cameras
The compact size of a CIS enables the building of smaller imaging systems. An integrated, uniform light system without expensive lens and mirrors being required, leads to an overall imaging system price reduction when compared with line camera-based solutions.

Imaging objects of homogeneous thickness
Large CIS photosensitive cells are mapped 1:1 with the imaged object. This provides  good tonal range and minimal optical distortion. On the other hand, direct or almost direct contact of the imaged object with the CIS glass surface is required. CIS-based systems are not used for objects of different thicknesses or in cases requiring a certain distance between the imaging system and the scanned object.

CIS systems offer high-performance and flexible outputs

No matter the module manufacturer, no matter the scan length.

Due to our long years of experience, we are able to build literally any contact imaging solution you need to make your product or application better than that of your competition. Just inform us of your requirements and we will find what you need. Plus we have a special speed trick.

Virtually any photosensitive module manufacturer: we at BAP have extensive experience in building CIS solutions based on photosensitive modules from various manufacturers such as Canon, Mitsubishi Electric, ROHM and WHEC among others.

We’re able to equip the sensors with various video outputs and specialized communication interfaces to meet your requirements.

Virtually any scan length: our high-quality stitching and alignment algorithms in firmware enable us to build CIS solutions of virtually any scan length, with 900 mm being a current off-the-shelf available maximum.

That special speed-trick: a fractional color plane re-mapping technique unique at BAPIS allows us to capture video at higher speeds in resolutions below the native one.

Functions and features of BAPIS contact image sensors

Unlimited CIS possibilities for customized contact imaging solutions.

Active scan lengths from 150 to 900 mm
Line rates up to 26 kHz @ 300 DPI
Resolutions: 200, 300, 600 & 1200 DPI depending on model
Built-in light source: wide spectrum white or multiplexing RGB

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CoaXPress 6 Gbps
Other (e.g. Camera Link) on request

Mitsubishi Electric
Other on request

Up to 36 bit color
Up to 12 bit gray-scale

Advanced flat field correction
4x3 color correction matrix
Gamma, contrast, brightness adjustment
Tonal mapping linearization based on 3x12-bit LUT
Color space conversion
Horizontal and vertical video scaling on the fly
RGB-color planes re-mapping also with a BAPIS unique fractional re-mapping mode
High quality RGB reconstruction (for Bayer-matrix based sensors)
Built in test patterns and diagnostic features

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