Customized Imaging Solutions

We develop and manufacture customized imaging solutions

Innovative software, firmware and hardware for imaging and automation.

At BAPIS we have more than 20 years of experience in developing, optimizing and manufacturing innovative and high-performance imaging components, devices and systems. Our staff includes some of the most experienced and renowned imaging experts in the world. We put this worldwide unique expertise at your disposal and advise and support you in all aspects of imaging. We are your expert advisor, sparring partner, 360-degree service provider and manufacturer. For new developments. For performance and cost optimization. For market and product analysis. And for the production of prototypes, small pilot series and large-volume series.

Imaging solutions tailored exactly to your needs

No matter if you need consulting, development or manufacturing services – or all of them together. No matter if you are at the very beginning of your development process – or in the middle of it. No matter if you want to optimize or adapt an already existing imaging system – or create a new one from scratch. We help you to achieve first-class imaging solutions that are tailored exactly to your needs and give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

Development & development support

We carry out comprehensive development projects and offer you 360-degree service in the development of your customized imaging solution. But we also take over partial services and accompany your development project in a supportive manner. In close cooperation with your development department, our experts help exactly where and exactly when they are needed. They get to grips with your project in the shortest possible time, identify the challenges and deliver solutions in the desired depth of processing. Always in direct communication and partnership with your experts.


With our own capacities and proven, long-standing contract manufacturers, we produce your system components or complete devices – from prototypes, through small pilot series, to large-volume series. Together with our partners of the DATAWIN group, we manufacture not only cutting-edge electronics but also heavy-duty mechanics, advanced opto-mechanics, alloy constructions and complete integrated systems built to last. Each of our products passes through a strict multi-stage quality control process before being delivered to you.


Your imaging solution is not performing optimally, but you can’t explain why? We can. Our experts examine your imaging solution and quickly identify weaknesses and areas in need of improvement, both at the hardware and software level. Of course, we don’t stop there, but provide you with suitable solution proposals. In doing so, we always make sure that our solutions can be implemented in a resource-efficient and future-proof manner and that they can solve your challenges in the long term.

Functional expansion and adaptation

Your product or application has to meet new requirements? It needs additional or more powerful functionalities and features? Or it needs to be adapted to new technical environments or technologies? Then we can help. Our experts have years of proven expertise in further developing, updating and adapting high-performance imaging components and solutions for all requirements. Thanks to our market knowledge, we are also your competent partner when it comes to procuring components that are difficult to obtain or replacing components that are no longer available in an adequate and future-proof manner.

Market and product audit

Wondering if the imaging components and solutions of your product or application could be improved? In terms of performance, in terms of cost efficiency, or in terms of future-proofing? Let’s find out! We evaluate your imaging solution and find out if and how you can leverage optimization potential and achieve future-proofing. Our experts know the market and the life and production cycles of all the components on the market. This enables us to advise you as to whether there are cheaper, more powerful or better-fitting alternatives for you. And whether your solution is fit for the future in terms of functions and expandability. Our audits are carried out either on the basis of your product or on the basis of documentation.

Custom development needed?

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How we find your perfect imaging solution

The BAPIS consulting and development process is clearly structured, always transparent and leads to first-class results via defined milestones.

  • Initial interview and clarification of the consulting or development task
  • Presentation and discussion of possible solutions
  • Refinement and decision/recommendation of the solution path
  • Creation, adaptation and approval of a requirements specification sheet/statement of work
  • Definition of a project plan and time schedule together with the client
  • Definition of terms and conditions
  • Preparation of a detailed offer and placing of the order by the client
  • Internal kickoff meeting
  • Defining of final components to be used incl. leadtime verification
  • Main development work for electronics and mechanics
  • Coding of firmware and development of test software
  • Service provision in close coordination with the client & presentation of interim results
  • Internal documentation of the project
  • Reworking and upgrade of the interim results
  • Presentation of the final result
  • Verifying of production files
  • Forwarding production files to our manufacturers
  • Internal test runs with the first prototypes
  • Delivery of the prototype and support during its installation
  • Prototype test phase and evaluation
  • Acceptance of the prototype and start of serial production

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