Custom features for your imaging.

Extension Boards

Extension boards for IPBs

Custom features for your image acquisition and processing.

Our extension boards extend your image capture and processing with exactly those features and functionalities that make your products and applications unique and give you a competitive edge.

Flexible extensions of image processing board functionalites
Each of the BAPIS image processing boards offers an impressive set of features, already out-of-the-box. In addition, specific needs can be fulfilled with optional extension board modules.

The image processing boards manufactured by BAPIS are equipped with high-performance extension interfaces. Extension boards supporting those interfaces help to realize custom features not directly available in the carrier devices.

More features, lower costs
Customers benefit from a wider range of available features and from an optimized price for the solution directly tailored to their needs. There are several extension boards already available off the shelf, others can be developed to meet specific customer requirements.

Outstanding features and every imaginable video interface

Our extension boards turn standard image processing boards into customized and performance-optimized imaging solutions.

Your third-party camera lacks the native input interface you need? You don’t want to waste hardware resources and processing power on features you don’t need? Or you want to drive other non-image-related functionalities from the imaging subsystem? Our customized extension boards offer tailormade solutions.

Solving compatibility and interface problems: extension boards are helpful in various areas. A typical example is the lack of a native input interface for a third-party camera selected by the customer. A dedicated high-performance extension board equipped with such an interface allows you to combine a BAPIS image processing board with virtually any imaginable video source – thus solving compatibility problems.

Saving hardware ressources and processing power: Ssome specific image transformation or compression features may require expensive, dedicated hardware resources and extra processing power. There’s no justification for installing hardware support for such features on the main image processing board. For instance, most of our customers don’t need JPEG 2000 compression in their imaging systems. Not willing to burden our customers with additional costs for a typically unwanted functionality, we decided to offer a high-performance JPEG 2000 compression module as an extension board, only for those really needing this feature.

Driving motion control or other non-image-related functionalities: motion control or other non-image-related functionalities can be driven from the imaging subsystem extended by a specialized extension board. For example, we designed a stepper-motor control extension board for one of our partners to allow precise synchronization between video capture and scan head movement in a metal surface inspection device.

Functions and features of BAPIS extension boards

Anything is possible: See the following examples of extensions with which we can elevate your image capturing and processing to a new level.

Camera Link dual-Base
Camera Link Medium + Full
CoaXPress 2 x 6 Gbps
CoaXPress 4 x 6 Gbps
Other on request

10GbE copper or fiber upon request

JPEG 2000, J2K2 (two dedicated cores)
JPEG 2000, J2K4 (four dedicated cores)
JBIG upon request

G-Link splitter. Extension board allowing to split video signal from a single camera into multiple image processing boards
Motion control. Extension board with stepper motor drivers and additional UARTs tailored for a specific customer’s inspection system

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