Ready to use inspection devices.

Scan Bars and Cameras

BAPIS scan bars and cameras

Ready to use inspection devices

We combine our experience in electronic design with our ability to construct complex optical systems, protective enclosures and cooling modules to develop and manufacture premium scan bars and complete cameras: ready to use devices, specialized for specific inspection and capture tasks.

Our scan bars are heavy duty devices prepared to work in industrial environments – e.g. imaging objects on a conveyor belt or inspecting continuous products such as textiles or raw paper. They may span over a virtually unlimited length, with 900 mm @ 600 DPI resolution being the currently available maximum. Various synchronization modes of our scan bars allow the devices to either work in a free-run mode or to be externally triggered by rotary encoder signals – to perfectly synchronize a momentary line rate with the object movement.

Very high-intensity, wide-spectrum light systems developed by BAPIS and integrated in the scan bars are responsible for optimum illumination and a low image noise level even at extremely high capture speeds.

Depending on the depth of field and scan bar to object distance requirements, our scan bars use either CIS technology (dry paper, textiles, solar panels inspection) or CCD/CMOS line camera technology with an advanced optical system including lens and mirrors (wet paint paper print inspection, conveyor belts, non-flat objects).

BAPIS scan bars technical specifications and features

Unlimited possibilities: we design scan bars and cameras exactly adapted to your needs.

Contact Image Sensor
CMOS line sensor
CCD line sensor

Line synchronization based on encoder signal
Motion direction detection based on dual line trigger.
Frame synchronization
Free run mode

Active scan lengths up to 900 mm, more on request
Line rates for CMOS line sensor technology up to 155 kHz @ 300 DPI
Line rates for CIS technology up to 26 kHz @ 300 DPI
Resolutions: 200, 300, 400, 600 DPI depending on request
Built-in light source: high intensity wide spectrum white
Capture and processing in up to 36-bit per pixel color

CoaXPress 2 x 6 Gbps
CoaXPress 3 x 6 Gbps
CoaXPress 4 x 12 Gbps
More on request (Camera Link, G-Link, other)

Stitching and geometry correction for multiple photosensitive modules
Advanced flat field correction
4x3 color correction matrix for illumination frequency spectrum compensation
Gamma, contrast, brightness adjustment
Tonal mapping linearization based on 3x12-bit LUT
Color space conversion
Horizontal and vertical video scaling on the fly
RGB-color planes re-mapping also with a BAPIS unique fractional re-mapping mode
Built in test patterns and diagnostic features
Line-to-line exposure adjustment option

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