Imaging applications

Where our imaging solutions provide a competitive edge - or even save lives.

Scan millions of ballots in no time? Maneuver robotic arms weighing tons with nanometer precision? Explore a bird`s sleep during his ocean crossing? Detect minimal quality deviations in fractions of a second? Or detect diseases inside a human being and save lives? Yes, these are things our imaging solutions make possible. And much more.

Our high-speed color and grayscale data capture and processing hardware, software and firmware is used in a variety of mechanical transporters and scanners. End user applications exist in medical, industrial, financial and governmental domains. Typical application areas of our components and devices cover machine vision systems, embedded automation systems, book scanners for libraries and archives, high-speed document scanners for banks, mass bookkeeping processing and government domains and automated voting and election systems.

Our innovative, customized imaging solutions and products increase the efficiency and quality of a wide range of applications across all industries: from high-volume scanning, quality management and research to robotics, mechanical engineering and medical technology.

Tomek Bialecki, BAPIS Head of Development

Digitization & archiving

In digitization and archiving, large volumes of paper-based documents of different sizes need to be scanned quickly and with defined image quality, e.g. for scanning incoming mail or digitizing large archives. Defined image quality not only influences the efficiency of downstream processes (OCR), but is also a prerequisite for many applications, e.g. for replacement scanning or archiving historical documents. Professional document scanners feature first-class image capture, scanner-internal image processing and LED illumination. Application-specific scanners are sometimes also equipped with industrial controllers to enable the separation and sorting of documents.

BAPIS imaging components are found in the world`s most powerful scanners.

  • Use of own algorithms directly on the board built into the device
  • Many additional options on request, e.g. JPEG 2000, CoaXpress, 6/12 etc.
  • Imaging of various objects: text documents, delicate old prints, ballots, etc.
  • Imaging size from checks and airline tickets to A1-size antique books
  • Highest image fidelity thanks to advanced tonal mapping and color correction modules, high-intensity illumination and state-of-the-art photosensitive modules
  • Built-in or hardware-aided detection modules for vote counting, optical mark reading, barcode decoding, etc.
  • High-endurance, low-power consumption and compatibility with various operating system environments

Automated production systems

Modern automation technology enables the most economical and precise production ever because every aspect of the production process can be monitored. In order for robots to sort out defective products or select and assemble the right components without errors, they need excellent image processing. Image processing, also known as machine vision, enables applications that would hardly be possible with other sensor technologies, for example, in automated visual quality control at high speeds. The performance of an automated production system therefore depends on the quality of the integrated machine vision components such as cameras, image acquisition hardware and image processing software.

BAPIS imaging components optimize the performance and efficiency of automated production systems.

  • High availability through robust product design & high-quality components
  • Over 20 years of experience in building custom automated vision systems and components for election systems, textiles and print inspection, conveyor belt sorting decisions, automotive manufacturing inspection, etc.
  • Cutting-edge electronics and heavy-duty mechanics, advanced opto-mechanics, alloy constructions and complete integrated systems built to last
  • Improvement and optimization of existing or planned systems: we find weak spots and improve performance, quality, efficiency and longevity
  • System components and complete devices: from prototypes, through small pilot series, to large volume series


Whether for manufacturing a microprocessor or a 40-ton truck: modern manufacturing processes are based on powerful industrial robots. To work precisely and error-free, these robots need high-resolution images in real time. The same applies to service robots, such as those that help us in the home, like intelligent vacuum cleaners. And also for research robots, whether in impassable and dangerous areas, on the ocean floor or on distant planets: only with high quality, robust and absolutely reliable imaging components and sensors can they react immediately and precisely to the respective conditions.

BAPIS imaging components and sensors for robotics take your automated processes to a new level and offer you many advantages.

  • Perfect image quality in any desired resolution
  • Customized components for image-guided robotics and automation
  • Extremely low-lag image processing and detection modules for rapid, faultless decisions to be made instantly on the production line
  • Industrial motion controllers with FPGA-aided sensor modules, to make time-critical decisions without any delay

Research & science

Research and science are the foundation of all progress. They help us understand how the world around us works. On a large scale. On a small scale. And on the smallest scale. This often requires very detailed images because no medium reproduces the objective nature of something at a defined point in time more precisely, reliably and sustainably than a high-resolution image. An image permits us to capture a moment or an object in all its visual characteristics. And to draw the right conclusions from these characteristics, be it in microscopy, telescopy, endoscopy, or in animal observation on land, on sea or in the air.

BAPIS cooperates with  renowned universities and other academic institutions, providing technology and developing imaging tools for scientific research.

  • We enable perfect image quality in every desired resolution
  • We have experience with sensors of different sizes – from large areas to dust grains
  • We are technology partner and partial developer of an innovative laser-induced breakdown spectrometry device
  • Our research fields of interest are not limited to conventional technology. Our cutting-edge developments built in cooperation with medical scientists, zoologists and ornithologists facilitate the diagnosing of patients and the studying of the habits of wild animals.

Quality control & production control

Machine vision enables automated quality control, production control, process control and material flow control. Thus, excellent image capture and processing ensures quality in almost all areas of mechanical engineering and automation technology. High-performance, reliable imaging systems detect defects at an early stage in almost all physically possible inspection tasks and enable automated intervention in the process in good time: they significantly increase the degree of automation and thus the cost-effectiveness of production, while at the same time guaranteeing high product quality and process reliability.

BAPIS machine vision components and systems take your quality and process control to a new level.

  • Our imaging modules allow the instant detection of deviations in size and shape in order to sort out a faulty object from a conveyor belt or a faulty form from a paper track path.
  • We offer consulting and system improvements to meet technical guidelines and quality requirements of different standards and organizations such as FADGI and METAMORFOZE

Medical technology & imaging

Excellent image capturing and processing is indispensable in modern medical technology. For diagnostic purposes or real-time monitoring of operations, a wide variety of imaging devices are used. Some of them are only a few tenths of a millimeter in size: e.g. endoscopes, microscopes or surveillance cameras. Their image sources have different interfaces, resolutions and video standards. Transporting, displaying, documenting and archiving their image and video data or making the image data visible for remote diagnosis, for example, is of utmost importance. In addition to the imaging components, camera control also plays a major role.

BAPIS imaging components and controllers find application in various diagnostic and surgical instruments.

  • We specialize in video capture and video processing for medical examinations and medical science
  • We developed and built a standalone medical K2 compression box on customer request to enhance and compress medical images in a DICOM format, providing lossy 16-bit up to 30:1 and lossless 16 bit up to 9:1 wavelet compression
  • We developed and built an endoscope with a market leading 1×1 mm front head diameter only, and up to 3 meter distance from head to handle

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