High-intensity illumination for professional use.

LED Light and Optics

Custom LED lights and optics

Illumination systems and optics for specific customer requirements.

Existing lighting is rarely strong enough to allow high image quality capture in high-speed scan systems. Our standalone linear light systems are designed to deliver high-intensity light in a linear form to aid CCD or CMOS line camera acquisition systems.

Customized illumination systems and optics
BAPIS specializes in designing illumination systems and optics for specific customer requirements. Most of our current lamp solutions are based on wide visible spectrum LED technology, due to its energy efficiency and suitability for imaging applications. We also have experience in less common illumination technologies such as rare gas discharge excimer lamps or infrared LED illumination for zoology research.

Optical design for illumination systems
Besides the optics for the object to sensor path, BAPIS also specializes in optical design for illumination systems – providing solutions when collimated light beams must overcome long distances between the lamp and the illuminated object as well as light diffusion to avoid reflections and glare.

Innovative temperature compensation
High-energy lamps for high-speed scan systems generate significant amounts of heat and their operating temperatures change distinctly. BAPIS developed a proprietary temperature compensation system to prevent a temperature-related light intensity drift.

Various luminous intensity adjustment possibilities
A typical method of luminous intensity adjustment is a PWM control. That works well for systems with line capture periods synchronized with lamps. BAPIS also provides alternative adjustment systems with continuous current control – for best imaging quality if a camera needs to work asynchronously to the light system.

BAPIS light systems technical specifications

Unlimited possibilities: we design customized illumination systems.

OSRAM ultra high power Light Emitting Diodes
OSRAM fluorescent and discharge lamps
Cree Inc. ultra high power Light Emitting Diodes

Multiplexing RGB
Wide spectrum visible white
Near infrared
Far infrared

Temperature compensation
Optional intensity adjustment
Externally triggered PWM output or continuous current
Built-in heat sink

Module lengths up to 600 mm, more on request
Module to object distance up to 1000 mm, more on request
Light intensity up to 800 000 lux with forced air cooling

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